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We invite our guests to leisurely enjoy an authentic Japanese course Dinner “Kaiseki style “ and Breakfast, which are privately served at  their guestrooms. For more options and flexibility, we put at visitors disposal an indoor restaurant that offers an assorted menu including the local speciality “Kobe beef steak” slowly cooked and freshly served on the counter “the Teppan-Yaki style”, a library tea-salon where guests can unwind with a drink or an appetizer, and a bar/lounge where they can savor some of the selected wine, spirit and sake. 

The indoor restaurant and the bar are also available for non-staying visitors.


The in-house restaurant SANBO KAN

(Kan photo)

The restaurant SANBO KAN offers a simple design with an oriental touch. Its name suggests that no matter how busy the person is, he or she can definitely snatch some moments of leisure to enjoy a delicious meal. The atmosphere is ideal for a relaxing meal alone or with friends and family.

The tempting menus offer classic Japanese dishes and a great selection of Japanese Sake and wine. The experienced staff are always available to advice, and would happily recommend a magnificent marriage of local Japanese dishes with some typical wines and spirits.

Click on a menu below to download / view it in PDF format.


Breakfast ( for guests staying at the inn only)

The full course breakfast includes the “Yudofu”, warm, rich texture, and melty tofu, made out of black soy beans from Tanba, the most famous region for black soy beans in Japan.
Among the variety of dishes available, we recommend the traditional Edo style lunch.
It's a light lunch including sake (rice wine), Itawasa which is a popular snack served with sake, and the handmade soba noodle “Tsurube Sobazen”.
Our chief cook makes 100% buckwheat soba noodle every morning, as far as conditions permit. The amount of soba noodle we can make per day is limited.
Tea Time
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Our authentic full course Japanese “Kaiseki style dinner “, with selected ingredients mainly from Hyogo area. Served privately in each guestroom.
We definitely recommend the Kobe Beef Steak “teppanyaki” dinner and Kobe roasted Beef “ shabu shabu” Dinner. It is, without exaggeration, a memorable lifetime experience. 
The dinner experience starts at the library salon where you can enjoy your favorite appetizer and canapés.

You can make a reservation for at using our Online Reservations Booking System. Should you wish to make a reservation for more than 6 guests, please contact us at +81(0) or email:
Should you not find the availability that you require, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Daily, Monday to Sunday .
Breakfast ( only available for guests staying at the inn)
Open at 8:00 am, last food order at 11.:00 am


Open at 11:30 am, last food order at 2:00 pm.


Open at 5:30 pm, last food order at 8:00 pm.
Tea time
8:00 am ~ 11.:00 am
2:30 pm ~ 9:00 pm


(Bar photo)

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The in-door Bar POCO DOURO along the taki river, invites you to an authentic interior that blends traditional Japanese lacquerwork design with western classic lounging style. Sit comfortably on the leather sofa or at the counter, and have a soothing drink in the quiet atmosphere.

Our sommelier diligently and passionately selects the best of wines, spirits, and Japanese Sake.

Guests can also savor their drinks in the in-door Salon, and in their guest rooms.



Open from Monday to Sunday From 6pm.

Prior to theses opening times, guest can enjoy drinks in the library salon ROSSIO DE PRATE.


The Library Salon ROSSIO DE PRATE


(Salon photos)

This area has barely changed since the 1930's, when it used to be a dancing salon. Now, it is a place where guests can enjoy an afternoon tea or an early appetizer. It is also a concert and event space during summer, Christmas and other seasonal occasions.