Arima Yumori

Togashi Goshobo. Arima Onsen's oldest inn in which the name was attached on the occasion of the Ashikaga Yoshimitsu retainer.
Step by step to our boss
When you step in, you can touch that culture that has been walking with Arima's rise and fall.


Room where legend breathes

About 100 years ago, when our building was built, the novelist, "Junichiro Tanizaki" representing Japan, seems to have visited us many times.
There is a room of "Tanizaki" in a room on the second floor of Goshobo which also appears in the same novel, others

Some items collected by successive master in Arima · Goshobo footprints It tells a story.

6 Million Year Travel

Arima Onsen traveling deep underground in Japan, beyond about 6 million years of sea water in the Pacific Ocean.

To be the only hot spring to mention in all three of Japan Koizumi, Sanjin Izumi, Sanjin Temple, Japan

There is a reason for that.