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Q. I did not receive a booking confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
A.Once you finish your reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Please make sure that you’ve checked the messages in the junk category of your e-mail box. You could also log-in to your account in our site and see the status of your reservation. If you still have troubles finding the booking confirmation, please contact our concierge through the “Contact Us” form.
Q. How can I change my reservation?
A. Please log-in to your account in our site, and make the changes you need.
Q. What time is your check-in time and check-out time ?
A.Our check-in time is 3:00p.m. and check-out time is 12:00a.m.
Q. Can I extend my check-out?
A. Late check-out can be possible depending on room vacancy, and is charged JPY2,500 per room per hour. Please tell us in advance.


Q. What is the Dining style at Hana Koyado?
A. Hana Koyado has an indoor traditional Japanese restaurant “Shunju”, which serves a variety of Japanese dishes as a full course ( lunch or Dinner) or a la Carte. It also serves a Japanese style Breakfast. The food are freshly cooked in front of the guests, and served on the counter or table.
Q. Should I make Dinner Reservations if I am staying at the Hotel ?
A. Yes. Hana Koyado is a Hotel style Inn, with stay only formula or stay and meals formula. The indoor restaurant also welcomes day visitors. Guests who want to have Dinner, Breakfast, or Lunch at “Shunju” are invited to make reservations.
Q. Can you arrange a Kaiseki Dinner without any meat or fish?
A. Yes. Our chef can arrange the ingredients for vegetarian guests. Please inform us in advance what ingredients you cannot eat.
We also ask our guests who have allergies to certain ingredients or cannot eat some food for certain reasons, to tell us in advance.

Hot-Spring & Spa

Q. How can I use the indoor baths at Hana Koyado?
A. There are 2 separated indoor hot-spring bath areas that are used privately. No reservations are needed.
You just have to lock the door when you use one of the bath areas. When it is locked, it means other guests are chartering it. In that case, please come back later and check again. There are only 9 rooms at Hana Koyado, so no worries, all guests have their chance to privately use one of the indoor baths.
In addition, if you are staying at HANA KOYADO, you can also have access to the “Kongosen”, the indoor Bath area at the sister Inn TOUSEN GOSHOBOH. No additional fees are needed.
Q. I am visiting Arima Onsen on a day trip, and I would love to experience the indoor hot-spring facilities at Hotel Hana Koyado, do you offer a day-visit option?
A. Yes. The two indoor bathhouses at Hotel Hana Koyado are open for day visitors from 11:00 to 14:00. Day visiting guests can reserve a Lunch Course & Hot-spring Bath package that starts from 6,300 yen, depending on the main dish for the Lunch Course. The Lunch will be served at the indoor traditional Japanese restaurant SHUNJU. Guests can enjoy the bath first for 50 minutes, then have their lunch, or vice versa. Please contact us for further details concerning the menu and reservations.


Q. Can I leave my luggage if I arrive at your ryokan earlier ?
A. Yes, you can safely leave your luggage at our reception desk before your check-in, and after check-out.