Empty mind, relaxed body, and smooth skin


Mythical  Hot-spring

A strongly basic ferruginous sodium chloride spring

Arima is the oldest spa area in Japan. According to the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), Arima-Onsen Hot Spring that is said to have existed since the age of the gods, was discovered when the two divinities (kami in Japanese Shinto) Onamuchi-no- mikoto and Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto saw that three injured crows were cured after they drank from the thermal water. Since this discovery, people have travelled from allover Japan to soak in the so-thought of as holy and miraculous hot-spring that cures any type of illness. Arima has three type of hot-springs, among which the most famous is the “ Kinsen”, or “golden hot-spring”. A part from its soothing warmth ( original temperature 98°C, controlled at 40 °C), and its relaxing golden-clay color, Arima golden hot-spring is a strongly basic ferruginous sodium chloride spring which has far more healing properties. 

Arima Golden hot-spring therapeutic benefits


1. Effective for excessive sensitivity to cold, back problem, muscle & joint pain, distal hematogenous disorder, etc.

The spring water keeps the skin moisturized because its salt makes a thin film over the skin. In addition, it contains plenty of meta-silicate which makes the skin milder and keeps the body warm for a longer time.


2. Effective forinfectious skin affection and chronic eczema.

The thermal water has an antiseptic property.


3. Effective for most kinds of allergic skin affection, chronic eczema, hives, wounds, and burn.

The “Kinsen” hot-spring water contains plenty of calcium ions.


Ailments relieved by this spring water

Inflammatory or non inflammatory rheumatism, External wound, Rehabilitation after an operation, Chronic adnexitis, Functional infertility, Disorder of the autonomic nervous system, Psoriasis, etc.



The golden hot-spring has a unique characteristic, at first it is weak acidic, similar to the natural pH level of the skin, mild and gentle for sensitive skin, leaving it without a taut feeling, then minutes later, it changes to weak alkaline type, leaving skin smooth and moisturized.

Relax, Pamper and Reconnect at Tosen Goshobo

Nothing feels better than an empty mind, a relaxed body, and a smooth skin.

We hope that our visitors will be fully relaxed and pampered as if reborn. To provide a holistic spa journey, we put under our guests’ disposition a 100% natural Aroma Therapy service “B&I”. The “B&I” Healing and Beauty salon is located just at the left side of the source of the golden hot-spring “ Gosho Sengen”. Visitors can have aroma oil treatments, Japanese “Shiatsu” pressure massages, and facials in the privacy of their guestrooms at Tosen Goshobo. We also collaborate with a chiropractic therapy salon “Ken Bodycare”, which provides manual treatments great for pain in low back, neck , and joints.

For further information concerning treatments and prices please contact us at Tosen Goshobo.


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