Hot-spring Baths at Hotel Hana Koyado

The KAEDERO Bath, or “Maple leaf bath”, with the legendary “Goemon Buro” style

The “KAEDERO” Bath, embraces the Goemon Buro style.
In a dark somber room, displays a large iron Kettle-shaped bathtub, full of hot water. Next to the Kettle, a porcelain-colored pool full of the golden hot-spring “Kin Sen”, the signature of Arima Onsen. In the bathing room, there is a strange feeling that the fluid flows from all sides, and its echo sound is heard from everywhere. The temperature disconnects the mind from the outside world, and guests emerge in their inner universe.

Guests staying at the inn: 15:00 ~ 10:00 of the following day (free)
Guests on day visit: 11:00 ~14:00
( Lunch + Hot-spring Bath package ¥6,900 ~)

The TSUTABASU Bath “ Ivy Bath”, with its Kobe flair style

The Ivy Bath, “TSUTABASU”, displays a rare Mermaid tile mural art that stood strong since the early Showa period. The subtle green background diffuses a peaceful and healing atmosphere. The presence of the Japanese goddess of sea, the beautiful mermaid on the crafted tile, strangely adds a whimsical feel to the bathing room. While soaking in the bath, guests feel deep and profound, hearing the melody of their inner voice .

Guests staying at the inn: 15:00 ~ 10:00 of the following day (free)
Guests on day visit: 11:00 ~14:00
( Lunch + Hot-spring Bath package ¥6,900 ~)

The two indoor baths at Hotel Hana Koyado can be used privately, and are opened all day. Guests staying at the Inn can intimately enjoy the hot-spring, as many time as they want, however, they are invited to use it by turn to allow other visitors to have the experience. The two baths are located nearest the source of the hot-spring “Gosho Sengen”, and serve the highest quality of Arima golden hot-spring. The TSUTABASU “Ivy Bath” is barrier-free, and use-friendly for seniors and persons with physical difficulties.


Half open-air & half men-women mixed
Guests staying at Hotel Hana Koyado can exclusively access to the “Kongosen Bath” at the sister Inn “Tousen Goshoboh”, which is 3 minutes walk. The Kongosen Bath is half open-air, with a playful structure that allows men and women sections to meet through a stone wall that gets lower toward the far end of the pool so that guests can easily talk over the wall if they like. Or, they can move over to a more private area if they prefer so.The specific dark color of the waters, and the slight, shadowed lightening recreate a deep mood of relaxation, contemplation, and intimacy.

Guests staying at the inn: 15:00 ~ 9:30 of the following day (free)
Guests staying at sister Inns (Hana Koyado & Gosho Bessho): 15:00 ~20:00 ( free)
Guests on day visit: Available: 11:00 ~ 14:00 (Reservations including meals given priority)
Charge: ¥1,620 per entrance

The charge includes a rental of a face towel.
Rental of large bath towel: ¥315
source: Gosho sengen and Uwanari sengen
Hot-spring type: Strongly basic ferruginous sodium chloride spring of a high temperature.
Properties: Colorless and transparent, however once it gets to the surface, it oxidizes and becomes iron-orange. It tastes salty and metallic, and is almost odorless.
Therapeutic effects on: External wound, Burn injury, chronic dermatitis, child Physical weakness, chronic adnexitis, menstrual disorder, neuralgia, muscle ache, joint ache, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoid, excessive sensitivity to cold, rheumatism, recovery from illness, soothing effect, health enhancement.
Contraindication: Acute disease ( especially in case of fever), active tuberculosis, a malignant tumor, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal insufficiency, hemorrhagic disease, serious anemia, other progressive diseases, pregnancy (especially the beginning and end) .