Measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

In order to prevent infection spread of the new coronavirus, and protect our guests and staff inside our accommodation, we carry out the following measures.

We deeply appreciate your cooperation, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

  • We decline from accommodating any guest who is suspect of infection by the new coronavirus. For that reason, during check-in, all our guests will have to fill in a health check sheet and declare whether they have any symptoms of the new infectious disease.
  • All hot-spring bath areas are to be charted and used privately. 
  • To prevent any contamination with the virus, we strongly urge our guests to wash their hands, gargle and disinfect with alcohol frequently whenever they go to the restaurant or go back to their rooms.
  • Guests who need a humidifier placed in their room, please ask our staff for arrangements.
  • Some staff may be wearing face masks for the time being.